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Freedom Roll for 1-User Bathroom (8.7" diameter)

Freedom Roll for 1-User Bathroom (8.7" diameter)

Freedom Roll for 1-User Bathroom (8.7" diameter)

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  • 1 Roll = up to ONE Month Supply for 1-USER Bathroom
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  • Bulk Discount (SAVE $1 / roll when you buy 4 or more rolls)
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Available in Charmin Ultra Soft
  • Optional toilet paper holder sold separately
  • 1 ROLL * 850 2-PLY SHEETS PER ROLL * TOTAL 8.5 m2 (92 SQ FT) * 9.9 cm X 10.1 cm (3.92 IN X 4 IN)

    Customer Reviews

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    Still Rolling

    I have my new Charmin Freedom roll in my master bathroom. I didn't expect it to look good and only be a functional upgrade, but I was pleasantly surprised. I like the subtle look of the stand that came with it... thankfully one was provided. I've had it for 2 weeks and I still have a lot of paper left.

    Love it!

    I saw an ad for the freedom roll on Facebook and thought it was a joke... after exploring more and realizing I could get a 3 month supply of TP for $16 with the stand I thought heck of a deal. Just got mine today and it’s already set up! I’ve got family who now want this (after some laughs, of course). Love it!


    So I clicked on the ad thinking it was some sort of late April Fool’s joke. Honestly. But once I realized it was real, I ordered it and it couldn’t be cooler! I gifted it to a family in our church that bought a house recently.

    Freedom Roll for my mom

    I just set the stand up for her today—she is thrilled!!
    She no longer has to reach far or bend over (she started keeping her TP on the floor).
    She recently was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, so this is a godsend for her.
    And the ginormous rolls —May last her 2-3 days (just kidding, but she really does use a lot of TP).

    Thank you!!!

    From one lazy person who not only hates changing the tp roll but also hates the awkward walk to the closet when I realize I have no tp, thank you. This roll is so awesome, plus I love when people come over and comment on my giant roll of tp

    We are so happy to hear how much you are enjoying our Charmin Freedom Roll. It can certainly be a fun conversation piece. Thank you for giving us a try!