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Money Back Guarantee

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New Charmin Freedom Roll

Free shipping on all items! You’ll love not changing the toilet paper so often.

Roll Size Comparison (Not for Sale)
  • Money Back Guarantee

    Nothing to lose but the hassle.  Shipping is free, the roll holder is free when you buy three rolls, and you can easily return it for any reason.

  • Two Sizes

    For a ONE-USER or MULTI-USER bathroom.  That's an 8.7" or 12.5" roll diameter.  Most people use the Multi-User size because it lasts the longest.

  • Roll Holder

    Freestanding in brushed stainless steel, it's fitting for even the highest end bathrooms.  And, it's FREE when you buy three Charmin Freedom Rolls.

  • Charmin Ultra Soft

    America's favorite brand of toilet paper.  It's the same 2-Ply Ultra Soft you know and love, and might just make you sing the Shiney Hiney song!


I was a bit unsure about buying such a large roll, but with a large family I knew we would use up the Charmin. What surprised me was how quickly we all became used to the new format. What seemed like a giant roll quickly became the new norm. We love it!

You should have made this years ago!!!  I've been changing the roll for two bathrooms twice a week for years.  This is a lifesaver!

My kids think this gigantic roll is the coolest thing.  Whoda thought?!

guys, this is a game changer. seriously.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  This was made for my house!!