Go up to ONE MONTH before changing your roll.

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One less hassle.

Money Back Guarantee

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NEW Charmin Freedom Roll

1 Roll = ONE MONTH of toilet paper

Roll Size Comparison (Not for Sale)
  • Two Sizes

    For a 1-USER or MULTI-USER bathroom.  That's an 8.7" or 12.5" roll diameter.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Nothing to lose, but the hassle.

  • Roll Holder

    Freestanding in brushed stainless steel.

  • Charmin Ultra Soft

    America's favorite brand of toilet paper.


You should have made this years ago!!!  One less thing to think about.

guys, this is a game changer. seriously.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  This was made for my house!!

My kids think this gigantic roll is the coolest thing.  Whoda thought?!